Is Credits Loan Secure?

Let’s start where it matters, right? Creditas, in fact, is a mask used by well-known bank correspondent BankFacil. Turns out he decided to change his name. But if you’re here it’s because you’re wondering if the Creditas loan is safe, right?

This site is meant to help you get a personal loan online. Just like some other financial products. It does this by comparing the desired products in various financial agencies. Everything is made for you to be able to choose the best proposal for your pocket. But still, the question remains: is the Creditas loan safe? Let’s see how it works, first of all!

How does the loan work there? Is Credits Loan Secure?

 How does the loan work there? Is Credits Loan Secure?

You will start by selecting the type of loan that you want. And then you will have to fill in all the data that is requested so that you can send your proposal. From there, Creditas will forward your request to the partner banks with whom it works.

It will be in that moment that you will undergo a credit analysis. If your request is approved, the site will help you formalize the process. Do not worry, they will accompany you at every step until the money has finally been released into your account.

Is an online loan really reliable?

Yes! The online personal loan modality has been growing more and more in our country. In fact out there, especially in the USA, it is widely used! The online loan has some advantages over the conventional and face-to-face loan.

The first is that you do not have to travel to an agency to get the money, having to face several queues to get to talk to your manager. The second is that all the costs of operating a loan done in this way are much lower. Because of all of this, there is a strong tendency for interest rates on online loans to become smaller and smaller.

Here in Brazil there are some agencies that have already been active in this field, and Creditas is one of them, having partnerships with the most different banks. In it, after the credit analysis, you receive all the offers from the banks, being able to choose the one that pleases you the most!

Is Credits Loan Secure? Is the site really reliable?

 Is Credits Loan Secure? Is the site really reliable?

It is worth remembering that Creditas, in fact, is the old BankFácil, which has existed for more than five years, and has as partners a select group of national and international investors. In addition to all this, the site itself has a digital certificate, which proves that all the data that is sent there will be encrypted.

That is, security is severe, and your data will hardly be stolen. Among the requested data, the site will ask for your CPF. This document is required by banks that have partnership and is extremely critical to the credit analysis phase.

Creditas has within its website the privacy policy and all terms of use, which serve to make clear their conduct with respect to all the data that you will provide to the site. With all that was said, we can finally answer the question that brought you here. Is Credits Loan Secure? Yes! And a lot, by the way!

The truth

The truth is that a lot of people end up getting left behind when the business is on the internet, but currently, there are few places that are safer than the network. In the old days it was necessary to go to the bank, and this in itself was already a risk for the client, since up to now it is common to see thieves and robbers out of the banks, just waiting for someone to leave with a loan in hands and take all the money with them.

With the advent of online personal loan, this has already become a situation simply impossible to be seen, since you do everything from the security of your home. But of course, you have to make sure that your computer is virus free and that you can do everything with complete security from it.

Rest assured Creditas is a safe place for you to apply for your loan, but remember that you are contracting a debt that must be paid no matter the situation! It is common to hear stories of people who have gone into debt because of a loan, and usually this is because people did not know how to deal with it!

When you borrow, always check the CET, Total Cost Effective, as this will show you how much you will have to pay in full for the loan you are applying for. Also, keep in mind that the Creditas loan is extremely secure. You can rest easy, just plan ahead so you do not end up wrapping yourself in a snowball!


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