Fantastic Fun of Scary Pop Up

Almost everyone has experienced at least one of the many scary pop ups appearing on the internet, either wittingly or unwittingly. The unwitting ones have often ended up as viral videos themselves as the reactions to scary pop ups are sometimes better than the pop ups.

It usually begins with someone surfing the web for interesting or scary videos. They stumble across one that seems to offer wonderful footage of ghosts and the viewer eagerly clicks play and scoots close to the screen, in order to avoid missing any eerie or creepy things that might be found within the footage. The movie starts, often very slow and creepy music plays as the unsuspecting victim gets drawn even deeper into the video. Often in these scary pranks, the viewer will be instructed to “look closer” or turn up their speakers to hear the disturbing sounds. Then without warning, a picture usually grotesque in appearance, flashes onto the screen accompanied by a sometimes deafening and blood curdling scream.

Doesn’t sound scary? Maybe you just haven’t been surprised by one yet. These videos play off of natural human emotion and instinct and they often do a very good job of it. They have become an internet sensation and many have gone viral getting millions of views and causing millions of hearts to skip a beat across the world. So why the fascination with scary pop ups? Pop up style videos seem to feed the unwavering desire that many humans have to both laugh and experience fear. Whether you happen to be the one tricking someone into watching or you are the one who is about to get pranked, it’s usually a win win situation for everyone.

These viral sensations have gradually spread into other types of videos and games available on the internet, such as the “scary maze game“. Unfortunately for all of us, you never really know when you might become a victim of the infamous scary pop up. They are even starting to “pop up” in music videos. Some of the better ones tend to not mention anything ghostly or scary at all, but ask the viewer to find the differences in two pictures, etc. The element of surprise is key and if done correctly, there is hardly anyone who won’t involuntarily jump, scream, swat, fall down or all of the above as a result. Thus creating the next viral video, the hilarious reactions to scary pop ups.


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