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Everyone needs quick credit once in a while. You are in the right place if you need money quickly and you can not wait any longer. With George Knightley you can receive a quick credit of up to $ 100,000 pesos without interest 0% and you will have up to 48 months to return your money . We help you pay your outstanding bills, fix any problems at home, solve your other debts and solve your last minute incidentals. Quick loans always help you in a difficult time.

The quick credit we offer is requested 100% online without leaving home . Your answer arrives in 15 minutes and your money arrives directly to your bank account in less than 24 hours without paperwork and without questions! You can use our fast credit search engine through any device (mobile, computer, laptop or tablet). Getting extra money with George Knightley could not be easier. Fill in your application now and get your loan today. Our quick loans always arrive before the end of the day.

Quick credit instantly comparing loans

We know you want to find the best quick credit available, but how do you know who offers you the best online loan? We help you find the best quick credits from a site. When filling out your application, we send it to the best lenders in Mexico and the world. Our system reviews your data and finds out immediately if you are eligible for a quick online credit. Your credit offer will be made to measure, completely personalized.

We compare the available offers and we show you the best one so that you can make an accurate decision. Your quick credit will be offered by a recognized financial institution. George Knightley only works as an intermediary, helping you find the quick money you are looking for online. The quick loans we offer always come from trusted lenders.

While traditional banks force you to go through many procedures, wait for a long time, get an insurance, a guarantee or even a mortgage, in George Knightley you will see that there are countless ways to access quick credit without any of these requirements. We offer your online loan without payroll, without guarantee and without guarantee. You just have to return your money on time. So you can request more quick loans in the future, if necessary.


What do our clients say?

“I had to make the last payments of my degree, thanks to George Knightley all payments were resolved without delay.” – Mafer (Veracruz)

“My son had to be operated on emergency for a minor illness, before the insurance covered the payment had to make the first deposit before they returned the money, so I turned to George Knightley, as I returned my money even before the the term that I requested, I was not charged by any commission. “- Julio (Zacatecas)

“It will sound frivolous but I needed a vacation, I gave them a loan with the help of George Knightley and I have become better than ever.” – Leonardo (Puebla)

Online credit from home

We are a leading company in technology and innovation. The service we provide works completely online. Our search and comparison system is available 365 days a year . Here we are to help you whenever and wherever you need it. Once your request is submitted, the lender with the best online credit offer will answer you in just 15 minutes , informing you if your loan request was accepted or not. We search among the best lenders willing to offer quick loans right away.

Easy money and fast credit

 Easy money and fast credit

Finding an online credit with the help of George Knightley is the easiest and easiest way to avoid paying extra if you need extra money. After completing the fields of your application, you will receive a response from one of the best and most recognized financial entities in Mexico without leaving your home. You can make sure that our quick loans are of the best quality with the best conditions.


The advantages of George Knightley’s comparator

  1. Your request can be approved even if you have been rejected elsewhere
  2. You can apply for a loan even if you are on a Bureau list
  3. You will have your money in your bank account in less than 24 hours
  4. You do not need to present any guarantee, guarantee or payroll
  5. Our services are free and 100% online

George Knightley helps you receive a loan between $ 500 and $ 300,000 pesos with a payment term between 7 days and 48 months. We work with more than 21 entities around the world that have a long and secure history of lenders. If it is your first time requesting money through our platform and you have never used the services of the chosen lender before, your first credit will come out without interest. That is, free. You will only have to pay for the money you received. If in the future you re-apply for quick loans, your credit will already be of interest.

Quick Credits

 Quick Credits

Quick credits are here to help you solve any problem. With up to $ 300,000 pesos you can go shopping, spontaneous travel, pay your bills, help a friend or family member and simply enjoy your life with peace of mind knowing that everything is paid, thanks to the help of fast loans.

Our urgent loans are for everyone . But … what is the truth that is hidden under these online loans virtually instantaneous? Is it really possible to get cash immediately, without paperwork and without waiting weeks? Yes, check it yourself! Discover our quick loans today.


Fast Credit without Payroll

 Fast Credit without Payroll

Nowadays, receiving a quick credit without a payroll is almost impossible through a traditional bank. Most financial institutions close their doors when it comes to knowing that you do not have a fixed income. In addition, we must bear in mind that in the situation in which we are working, they are temporary and layoffs are increasingly the order of the day. But George Knightley trusts you and helps you even when others reject you. With us you can always request your quick credits without effort.

What are the requirements to apply for quick credit?

 What are the requirements to apply for quick credit?


How To Get Personal Loan For Negative

Nowadays, in Brazil, there are millions of people who are defaulting. And anyone who is in this situation knows that the need for a personal loan to be denied to be able to pay bills and stay clean again is real. More of this story: http://taskba.com

The main problem when it comes to getting a personal loan for bad debt is that getting bank approval becomes much more complicated being negative. However, even with this whole difficulty, there is rather the possibility of getting a personal loan to negativado.

If your case is this, you will need to research very carefully which are the companies that offer this type of loan. Some even have loan options that are created specifically for people in this complicated situation.

For example, at Serasa, there are credit options focused on who is negatived. And you can find other agencies and banks in the market that also make this form of credit available.

Special care for anyone who is in debt

 Special care for anyone who is in debt

The main care for those with the dirty name is to be well aware and not fall into any blow. Unfortunately there are several companies that are scams, taking advantage of the situation to make fantastic deals but which are lies created to induce early deposits.

Research well before you close your business. And never pay anything of value before you get the loan. Stay even more vigilant with sites that have spelling errors, or that do not offer any contact information.

The risk of not receiving any repayment of the loan made by the unsuccessful is great. Because of this, banks and financial agencies make a detailed credit analysis before offering a proposal. In addition, they are usually much stricter with deadlines and with installments.

Another really important thing is to always seek personal loan to negativate in places with good interest. Always compare the CET, Total Effective Cost, before signing any contract.

Because of all these problems, you will have to thoroughly assess which portion fits in your pocket. To avoid problems, it is good to make a conscious negotiation by choosing options that you will be able to afford.

Always look for personal loan to negativado that offers more benefits, and with smaller values, but that still fit in your pocket. Without a doubt, the trickiest part is to get the loan itself, but nothing that a good research does not solve.

Differentiated credit types for those who are negative

There are also some other types of credit that are offered to anyone who has the dirty name on the square. The first one is the payroll loan. In this loan, the payment will be directly linked to the salary or benefit, and is deducted from the payroll, even before the money falls into the account.

For those who have their own home and taken out, secured loan is an option, since interest rates are lower and you can repay the loan much faster.

The same goes for those who have a car or a motorcycle. The difference is that the collateral will be the vehicle. If you want to use your home or car as collateral, always be aware of all the rules that are in your contract, since in a case of default, you could end up without what was yours.

It is really important to remember that the loans serve to help you repay your debts. Do not use them for things you can achieve by saving for a short period of time. If you really need it, it is good to plan properly before you hire any type of service. Many people end up lurking with loans for not knowing the most appropriate way to deal with them.

Organize your finances, and request your loan already with the objective of organizing itself financially, being able, in this way, to recover the health of its budget, leaving red the time behind.

Where To Get A Personal Loan To Negative

Where To Get A Personal Loan To Negative

There are currently several locations where you can get this type of loan. And not for less thanks to the advent of the internet and technology! Today it is much simpler to get a loan for negatives.

There are a number of financial agencies and banks spread over the internet that promote fast and convenient secured loans with adequate and comfortable interest rates so you can solve your situation or, if necessary, invest in a dream.

And all this you can do without leaving your house or if you want to have to talk to someone. The process is done completely online and takes less than 48 hours for the money to be deposited. It falls directly into your account once the hiring has been made.

The bureaucracy is minimized, which makes the process more practical and a thousand times faster than before. Now you have everything you need to get organized and start looking for your loan with ease!


Consumer Credit: How does it work and what is it?

As a way to encourage and, mainly, make some purchases viable. Be it acquisitions and investments, the market decided to create a modality of consumer credit. Although its name is little spread, this is one of the financing modalities that is more popular. It is widely used throughout our society. See martingore.net for an illustration

If you want to know a little more about this type of credit, stay inside of how everything works and still learn how it is and how best to use it, keep reading this article!

What is famous consumer credit, after all?

Credit Loan

Consumer credit or direct consumer credit (CDC) is a form of differentiated financing. It is granted to the consumer who wishes to acquire some durable good. Or even without the consumer showing some specific purpose.

In general, this financing will be offered by banks, financial agencies, and also by stores. But nevertheless, only those of department, that usually lend values ​​to its consumers. This is done so that they can make their own investments. Generally this type of credit is taken to be able to buy higher-value home appliances, or automotive vehicles.

This means that the consumer who, for example, bought a refrigerator in various installments. Whether it is for a card in the store itself, or for a credit card, he made use of direct consumer credit.

In cases like the use of carnet, the financing was done directly with the store in which the item was purchased. In the case of credit cards, the financing is made entirely by the agency. Be a financial or bank.

This is one of the most classic and most used ways to get a loan in Brazil. The truth is people do not even know that the carnet and the credit card are forms of borrowing. This is because they are accustomed to using these modalities.

The purpose of this type of credit is to cede to the consumer the necessary means so that he can buy goods or pay for some service that he otherwise could not afford to pay.

How does this consumer credit work?

Credit loan

Consumer credit directly works differently. It works according to the entity that will grant the loan. Thus, if the credit is requested directly from banks or financial agencies, the credit is granted in kind, that is, directly in cash.

This means that the applicant receives the money on time and can spend as he sees fit. This value, however, should always be within the limit that is pre-approved. Be it by the agency or bank. On the other hand, in department stores, crediários are offered to those who wish to make purchases. But as long as they are up to the limit it is pre-approved in the store itself.

This credit limit, which is a pre-approved amount, can be set with an income analysis and bank transaction history. Thus, we also analyze the absence of restrictions. Sometimes even those values ​​of purchases that were made previously. All these situations are analyzed together to demonstrate the actual ability of the applicant, and serve to guide the agency in defining the pre-approved threshold for each individual in particular.

The fees that must be paid by the client on account of the requested loan are agreed directly between the agency, bank or shop with the client. However, the maximum term for this debt to be paid usually turns around 60 months.

What are the various advantages of consumer credit?

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages that this modality offers is that the applicant obtains the good that he wants to finance immediately. He already leaves the store with what he wants at hand, even though he has not yet finished paying his full amount.

In addition, the requester has the chance to choose which amount he wishes to pay as input, as well as the amount he wishes to fund. No matter how much the value of each installment is automatically defined, the consumer can still anticipate the installments (if he wishes), in the same way that he can fully repay the loan at any time, which generally implies the reduction of interest that are incidental to plots.

Another advantage that this type of credit offers is the fact that the customer can opt for a fixed-rate contract, where interest is directly embedded in the parcels. This type of contract makes it possible to know, exactly and in advance, what amount will be paid every month throughout the entire funding discharge.

Direct consumer credit can be used wisely by anyone who wants to pay for a purchase, but it’s always a good idea to remember that you have a debt that must be paid off, and advancing installments is always a good choice when that is possible!

Is Credits Loan Secure?

Let’s start where it matters, right? Creditas, in fact, is a mask used by well-known bank correspondent BankFacil. Turns out he decided to change his name. But if you’re here it’s because you’re wondering if the Creditas loan is safe, right?

This site is meant to help you get a personal loan online. Just like some other financial products. It does this by comparing the desired products in various financial agencies. Everything is made for you to be able to choose the best proposal for your pocket. But still, the question remains: is the Creditas loan safe? Let’s see how it works, first of all!

How does the loan work there? Is Credits Loan Secure?

 How does the loan work there? Is Credits Loan Secure?

You will start by selecting the type of loan that you want. And then you will have to fill in all the data that is requested so that you can send your proposal. From there, Creditas will forward your request to the partner banks with whom it works.

It will be in that moment that you will undergo a credit analysis. If your request is approved, the site will help you formalize the process. Do not worry, they will accompany you at every step until the money has finally been released into your account.

Is an online loan really reliable?

Yes! The online personal loan modality has been growing more and more in our country. In fact out there, especially in the USA, it is widely used! The online loan has some advantages over the conventional and face-to-face loan.

The first is that you do not have to travel to an agency to get the money, having to face several queues to get to talk to your manager. The second is that all the costs of operating a loan done in this way are much lower. Because of all of this, there is a strong tendency for interest rates on online loans to become smaller and smaller.

Here in Brazil there are some agencies that have already been active in this field, and Creditas is one of them, having partnerships with the most different banks. In it, after the credit analysis, you receive all the offers from the banks, being able to choose the one that pleases you the most!

Is Credits Loan Secure? Is the site really reliable?

 Is Credits Loan Secure? Is the site really reliable?

It is worth remembering that Creditas, in fact, is the old BankFácil, which has existed for more than five years, and has as partners a select group of national and international investors. In addition to all this, the site itself has a digital certificate, which proves that all the data that is sent there will be encrypted.

That is, security is severe, and your data will hardly be stolen. Among the requested data, the site will ask for your CPF. This document is required by banks that have partnership and is extremely critical to the credit analysis phase.

Creditas has within its website the privacy policy and all terms of use, which serve to make clear their conduct with respect to all the data that you will provide to the site. With all that was said, we can finally answer the question that brought you here. Is Credits Loan Secure? Yes! And a lot, by the way!

The truth

The truth is that a lot of people end up getting left behind when the business is on the internet, but currently, there are few places that are safer than the network. In the old days it was necessary to go to the bank, and this in itself was already a risk for the client, since up to now it is common to see thieves and robbers out of the banks, just waiting for someone to leave with a loan in hands and take all the money with them.

With the advent of online personal loan, this has already become a situation simply impossible to be seen, since you do everything from the security of your home. But of course, you have to make sure that your computer is virus free and that you can do everything with complete security from it.

Rest assured Creditas is a safe place for you to apply for your loan, but remember that you are contracting a debt that must be paid no matter the situation! It is common to hear stories of people who have gone into debt because of a loan, and usually this is because people did not know how to deal with it!

When you borrow, always check the CET, Total Cost Effective, as this will show you how much you will have to pay in full for the loan you are applying for. Also, keep in mind that the Creditas loan is extremely secure. You can rest easy, just plan ahead so you do not end up wrapping yourself in a snowball!


Home loan: what to know

You have finally decided to renovate your home and are looking for less expensive financing. In other words, you want an alternative to the mortgage, too expensive to maintain. The first home loan could be the ideal solution because it requires lower costs .

What is the home loan

What is the home loan

The first home loan is a form of personal guarantee that is used to purchase a specific good or service, it is normally provided by the banks and is very useful for obtaining liquidity quickly . It is particularly suitable for dealing with minor expenses such as maintenance.

It can also be used to acquire a property if the amount to be paid is less than € 50,000 . The home loan is aimed at employees and but also atypical workers, since too specific references are not fundamental.

Is the home loan cheaper than the mortgage?

The answer is yes, my advice is to evaluate according to your needs. Compared to the mortgage, the first home loan has higher interests but does not impose any mortgage to guarantee the property.

It is also a card to play if you are in a hurry, as the concession times are fast, ranging from 24 hours to 15 days. For the loan you could wait up to 60 days. I know what you’re wondering: how long are both of them? The first home loan has a rather short duration while for the mortgage it takes medium to long times, even up to 30 years.

Characteristics of the contract

When you decide to sign this small personal loan, carefully consider all the elements that make up the contract. Do you know what they are? Here are the main ones:

  • The number, amounts and expiry of the individual installments
  • The annual rate (APR)
  • The amount of the charges that are excluded from the TAEG count
  • Any guarantees and insurance required
  • Interest rate applied

And if I wanted to split the contract, what happens? Well, in this case you can choose to pay off the loan early . However, there are consequences: you must repay the remaining capital and pay a penalty equal to 1% of the loan.

The bank’s valuation parameters

We agree, getting a first home loan is much simpler than the mortgage hypothesis. But don’t sing victory, don’t think you already have it in your pocket.

On the other hand, banks do not trust immediately, before they grant you a loan they need to make their assessments. Credit institutions take into account two main aspects before granting the loan:

  • The level of income : before accepting the application, the bank will reserve the right to check the level of your income and on the basis of this will subsequently determine the repayment rate.
  • Creditworthiness : the approval of the request is subject to your credit history. The credit institution will make inquiries at the Central Bank of Risks, if you will be a bad payer with outstanding debts it could reject your request. It will almost certainly do so, make sure you have the accounts in order before submitting the loan application. For the banks the magic word is trust .

To sum up: the optimal conditions for accessing the first home loan are: a certain income and a clear credit position.

The bank did not consider you a trustworthy subject and denied the provision of the home loan, what to do in these cases? Is the mortgage out of the question for you? Don’t despair because the possibilities are endless, just knowing how to look for them: you can resort to the sale of the fifth : with this funding the evaluation criteria are more flexible.

The sale of the fifth for the purchase of a first home

The sale of the fifth for the purchase of a first home

As you well know, the fifth assignment is a personal loan which consists in the deduction of a fifth of the salary or pension forfeited directly by the bank. If you are a public employee or you are part of a consolidated SRL, the bank can also provide large sums for the purchase of your first home .

The advantages available are many if you have opted for the assignment of the fifth : you will not have to spend sums of money from the notary first of all, because you will only sign the deed of sale so no taxes, fees and registrations.


How to get personal loan for freelancers?

Self-employed professionals are people who have a private business in their name and need to keep this enterprise active. After all, owning a profitable business is the dream of many, but for this it takes dedication and commitment. An assessment at sonotheque.net

In Brazil, it is not easy to undertake and not all companies offer support. So the first thing to do when applying for a loan is to be alert not to fall for fraud.

Before requesting personal credit, the independent professional must search the interest rate and the number of installments, in addition to analyzing the Total Effective Cost (CET). To help you, we separate some options from companies that offer this type of loan:

Which companies provide loans to self-employed?

Which companies provide loans to self-employed?


Moneyman makes unsecured loans available to independent professionals who require lower values. However, before performing a loan simulation, the user needs to enter the amount he needs and the number of installments he wants to use.

The company also makes available its loan with amounts ranging from R $ 500.00 to R $ 3,000.00. And the interest rate for independent professionals is valued at 15.7% per month.

Biz Capital

Biz Capital provides loans to people with CNPJ. The customer completes the registration form with his / her information and places the desired value.

In 48 hours, the system evaluates the data of the requesting company and contacts the responsible to inform if the loan was approved or not. Once the request has been approved, the financier sends an e-mail a proposal for the client to perform a credit simulation to see if he will be able to make the loan.

The credit conditions vary from R $ 5 thousand to R $ 150 thousand, with benefits ranging from 3 to 18 times and rates from 1.99 to 5.49% per month.



Nexoos is an online loan platform that works with corporate loans. Through the peer-to-peer lending program it is possible to connect small and medium sized companies with future investors.

The entire lending procedure is carried out safely and without bureaucracy. In addition, the peer-to-peer-lending program brings many benefits to investors.

For entrepreneurs who are in need of money to leverage their business, the financial one releases loans with full transparency and flexibility, with interest rates ranging from 1.30% to 3.23%.

Most of the time, it is not necessary to present guarantees, therefore, the loan application is made in an agile and effective way.


Rebel operates in the market as a banking correspondent. After creating the account, you will receive up to three different profile proposals and deadlines by email and you can choose the best option for you.

After selecting the best proposal, you will also receive by email the contract with all information about the loan purchased. Just sign the contract, send your documents for credit analysis and receive the money directly into the bank account.

At Rebel, you can simulate a loan in the amount of R $ 1 thousand to R $ 25 thousand. The interest rate is valued at 2.9% per month, with installments up to 24 times.


Unlike other online lending platforms, Creditas provides credit lines in exchange for a material good from the customer. For this, you can use your vehicle valued at R $ 5 thousand, or your property valued at R $ 30 thousand.

This procedure provides customers with the lowest market interest rates, which are valued at 1.15% per month in the case of the property as collateral, and 1.69% per month in the case of your vehicle as collateral.

Application Form,Calculator

The loans for freelancers is simple and quick to achieve.

How to prove income being a freelancer?

Nowadays, there are several ways for an autonomous professional to prove to a financial institution that they have enough income to get credit. One of the most common vouchers is the bank statement.

The majority of the financiers requests that the person present a bank statement of the last 3 to 6 months. This practice proves that the professional is always busy with the account and that he has enough income to get credit in the market.

How to get a loan without proof of income?

How to get a loan without proof of income?

It is very complicated to get a personal loan for freelancers on their own, even more without proof of income. Some financial institutions require documents that prove their ability to repay the loan, so there are more obstacles for the self-employed.

In this case, it is necessary to resort to companies that offer loans without proof of income and with low rate of interest. In addition, these financials do not analyze their scores on credit protection services, and do not request proof of income.

Nowadays, this type of service can be one of the best personal loans available for freelancers. You can use the options:

Income tax declaration

Income tax declaration

It can be done to prove that the individual has financial conditions to pay the debt.



Known as the Evidence of Perception of Income, which is most often sent by the accountants of the autonomous professional and shows that it has an average monthly billing.

What documents are needed for the granting of credit?

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of income with bank statement of the last 6 months;
  • Evidence of the existence of the business (CNPJ, business address);
  • Copy of income tax.

Retired loans: why the sale of the fifth?

Difficult to choose an ideal model to request a loan

Difficult to choose an ideal model to request a loan

The problem is always the same: what is your status? If you have a good job , a job with a paycheck, the problem does not arise: go to a credit institution and ask for your loan.

But when do you belong to one of the risk categories ? When you are a temporary worker, when you are a civil servant with a pay slip that is not too prosperous, when you are a protestor or a pensioner what do you do? Will they give you the loan?

Yes, if you choose the fifth assignment formula. Because in this case the payment of the installment is linked to the source, and does not go through whoever has requested the loan. Let’s focus on the world of retired people : do you want to know why the sale of the fifth is perfect in these cases?

  • No thought – You don’t have to think about anything. You don’t have to go to pay your dues every month, you don’t have to commit yourself to pay the monthly installment. Everything moves automatically. You must employ the money you have requested as a loan in the best possible way.
  • Maximum availability – The big question of loans: will the loan give me? Will I be in line with the needs of the institution or the bank? No problem with the assignment of the fifth , everyone can receive a loan. Or at least all the people who have a guaranteed income, like a permanent contract or a pension.
  • Minimum guarantee – Exact. The sale of the fifth is a credit formula that examines a series of values ​​in order not to endanger your survival. The monthly fee, in fact, cannot affect the minimum pension (460.97 euros) and the very fact that it represents a fifth is an excellent solution to leave most of the pension in your hands.
  • Zero justifications – The great advantage of the fifth assignment: you do not have to justify how you will use the sum. Do you need medical treatment? Do you want to give the car to your child? do you have a vacation to program? The fifth assignment can help you.
  • Security – The sale of the fifth has a great advantage: it puts everyone in agreement. Those who must receive the loan can count on a safe answer (as long as there is a fixed source of income) and the agency that issues the loan will have no problem recovering the money because the formula of the sale provides for a forced return upstream.

These are the main reasons to direct your attention to the sale of the fifth

Money Dollar

With this solution it will be easy to have the money necessary for small and large expenses, regardless of the reason that prompted you to look for an alternative amount of money.